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#BalanceforBetter – staying safe in 2019

March the 8th sees the launch of the 2019 International Women’s Day – a global event that calls for the world’s women to unite, celebrating their unique strengths and attributes. The event originated in 1910, as an empowering force for females which raised the profile of women’s issues worldwide, and highlighted the sisterhood which can be found through a shared cause.

International Women’s Day has now become a thriving event, with branded merchandise, promotional products and corporate merchandise bringing the message to the forefront each Spring. This year’s theme for the day is ‘Balance for Better’ – but is the day still relevant in today’s society?

Do we still need to celebrate a single sex?

The reason why the event persists and thrives year on year through advertising, promotional clothing and international celebration is simple. Women do still face unique challenges in the world. Modern women are phenomenal – they balance motherhood and careers, homemaking and innovation - perpetually pushing back against traditional barriers to bring about equality between the sexes.

Keeping safe on the big day

In recognition of International Women’s Day’s celebration of female strength, and their 2019 slogan - #BalanceforBetter, we’ve found a great product to keep women safe as they’re out celebrating the big event. It’s a revolutionary new backpack specifically designed for protection when you’re out and about, with in-built alarms which sound when pressed, and have the capacity to use an app to alert friends or relatives to your predicament.

Check out the video below for more details about the ‘Cathy’ backpack, and see for yourself how the product will balance out safety for females on International Women’s Day, and beyond…


Check out what events and activities will be taking place in your local area on March 8th, and join in with the empowering, uniting force that is International Women’s Day, 2019

Brighten up your rainy days with Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional UmbrellasNot long now till April arrives and the April showers are upon us, but let’s face it we live in the UK, no matter what month or season it is, you can pretty much guarantee it will rain at some point. Which is why I was surprised when the statistics highlighted that the UK was actually below the world average on number of umbrellas owned per capita. I had almost expected in a country world renowned for its rain, that each person would be recorded owning in the region of 4-5 umbrellas!

Well we’re here to convince you that not only do you need an umbrella because on average 1,154mm of rain falls on the UK each year, but also because they provide a fantastic opportunity for advertising. In the last survey by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) the most important quality a promotional gift must have is usefulness. It was very interesting to see that usefulness ranked above price, lead time, relevance, uniqueness etc.

All Over Print UmbrellaFrom a business point of view, there aren’t many promotional products out there with as much branding surface area as an umbrella. One great feature the umbrella has is it is not just the branding you can adjust to your specification, there are several features that you can have bespoke to your branding, giving your promotional product a more executive feel. You can adjust the grip, the pole, the contrast colour and even have fully dye sublimated panels for an all over brand.

When it comes to design of your umbrella, although it may seem like a great idea, a bright umbrella that stands out in the crowd may not be for everyone, for example executives in financial organisations may prefer something a tad more subtle. With this in mind the biggest advice we can give in this manner is know your audience, this is where trend research really comes in handy. If you know your target audience, you can research their likes and dislikes, and then adjust your design to these specifications.

Psychology of Gift Giving, Father’s Day Edition: Are Dads Worth Less?

Psychology of Gift Giving, Father’s Day Edition: Are Dads Worth Less?

With this Sunday being Father’s day, people around the world in 70 different countries will celebrate the wonder of fatherhood by giving a card and/or gift of some sort to their fathers/father figures. Interestingly these gifts honouring that paternal bond are statistically a third less valuable than the gifts given to mothers on mother day, the National Retail Federation in the US states that approximately £146 is spent on average on gifts for Mother’s Day, but only £106 on average is spent on Father’s Day gifts.

Fathers DaySo why is this, is it because we love our mothers more than our fathers? Well Dr Lars Perner, consumer psychologist thinks it is because we think our mothers deserve more being spent on them, being the larger contributor to home life, whilst at the same time fathers are less gift orientated, less likely to want to receive memorable expensive trinkets or a bouquet of flowers.

Gift Giving

Professor Kyle Murray has identified that although the gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts is quite large, it is continuously diminishing with more and more emphasis being put into Father’s Day gifts. This could be because the as traditional gender roles are changing, Fathers are contributing more and more to home life, thus subconsciously gift givers feel more inclined to spend lavishly to show their appreciation on Father’s Day. Companies are not completely oblivious to this fact either, retailers have noticed the trend and the results are evident with marketing and promotions ramping up for Father’s Day as it becomes ‘a more active spending occasion.’ In the UK, £658 million was spent on Father’s Day in 2014, this increased to £684 million in 2015, an increase of £26 million in just one year.

Being in the promotional product industry the science and psychology behind gift giving is not only incredibly interesting but extremely important. When it comes to promotional gifts we find that products with a high perceived value seem to excel when giving gifts at an executive and senior level. Whilst at the same time the more affordable giveaways thrive at events and exhibitions. I think the point this article addresses is that whether it is subconscious or not gift giving is and should be recipient centric, with gifts being based on the individual and what you think would be appropriate for them (budget dependant!) and it just so happens that gifts fathers like, happen to be more budget friendly!

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