#BalanceforBetter – staying safe in 2019

March the 8th sees the launch of the 2019 International Women’s Day – a global event that calls for the world’s women to unite, celebrating their unique strengths and attributes. The event originated in 1910, as an empowering force for females which raised the profile of women’s issues worldwide, and highlighted the sisterhood which can be found through a shared cause.

International Women’s Day has now become a thriving event, with branded merchandise, promotional products and corporate merchandise bringing the message to the forefront each Spring. This year’s theme for the day is ‘Balance for Better’ – but is the day still relevant in today’s society?

Do we still need to celebrate a single sex?

The reason why the event persists and thrives year on year through advertising, promotional clothing and international celebration is simple. Women do still face unique challenges in the world. Modern women are phenomenal – they balance motherhood and careers, homemaking and innovation - perpetually pushing back against traditional barriers to bring about equality between the sexes.

Keeping safe on the big day

In recognition of International Women’s Day’s celebration of female strength, and their 2019 slogan - #BalanceforBetter, we’ve found a great product to keep women safe as they’re out celebrating the big event. It’s a revolutionary new backpack specifically designed for protection when you’re out and about, with in-built alarms which sound when pressed, and have the capacity to use an app to alert friends or relatives to your predicament.

Check out the video below for more details about the ‘Cathy’ backpack, and see for yourself how the product will balance out safety for females on International Women’s Day, and beyond…


Check out what events and activities will be taking place in your local area on March 8th, and join in with the empowering, uniting force that is International Women’s Day, 2019