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When the UK went into the lockdown in March 2020, we found ourselves in a situation none of us had ever experienced in our lifetime.

Finding positives

Yet amid the worry and uncertainty, there were still positives to be found. For families, it became a chance to spend unexpected quality time together, something increasingly difficult in today’s hyper-paced society. Children were able to spend time with parents who would otherwise have been rushing to and from work. Parents were encouraged to become more involved in their child’s education through home-schooling. For some, this came with unique challenges of its own, but in the long run, children will likely have benefited from the extra, quality time they’ve spent with one or more parents. Despite the gravity of the pandemic, there were moments when many people were able to make the most of a temporarily slowed-down world, reconnecting to some of the most important things in life.

Back to learning

A few months later, as lockdown tentatively lifts and society continues to adjust to everything the “new normal” throws at us, it’s time for the UK’s 12-million-plus pupils, students, teachers, and parents to look forward to returning to school, college, or university. Some have already returned, the children of some key workers never stopped, others have been able to continue their studies online.  Although the enforced months at home will have had their benefit, the value of educational institutions cannot be underestimated. For younger children, they’re a place of growth and development. For those in further and higher education, they can be the path to better life chances and maybe a dream career. For everyone who learns and works in them, they’re a social hub: a place to form friendships and forge relationships that will last a lifetime. For parents who’ve been struggling with juggling the stresses of Covid, work, and their child’s education, a return to school offers some chance to restore work/life balance.

Not sharing is the new caring

Whether you’re the parent of a primary school child or you’re a post-graduate student, education is vital; but so too is staying safe as the world returns to learning. Social distancing is a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future, even in a classroom of infants. New measures limit activities; books, toys, and stationery that would normally be for all to share are either out-of-bounds or can only be used by one small group at a time. Classrooms and most of things in them will have to be sanitised after use — that goes for everyone from nursery to university. It’s not easy, but it is necessary. The new slogan is “Not Sharing is Caring”, something that goes against everything we’re taught in school but is perfect for the times we find ourselves in.      

Staying eco-friendly

At the same time, we face another problem. Pre-Covid, the environment was barely out of the headlines. We were being constantly reminded of the need to recycle, cut down on single-use plastic, and use fewer chemicals. Just months later, we’re potentially sending chemical and single-use goods levels through the roof. 

So how can we do our bit to help? How can we keep ourselves Covid-safe without destroying the planet? One obvious answer is to source eco-friendly items that are durable and safe to use. This is particularly important when returning to a communal environment such as a school.

Solutions for Students

At GeigerBTC, we already have a range of safe, eco-friendly essential products ready to go. These are items that can be personalised — ideal for when not sharing is caring — and some even have an antibacterial coating, keeping them sanitised should they be mistakenly used by others.

You can find some a great selection of products here. They’re safe,environmentally-minded, are great value, and let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy having items with their name on?

GeigerBTC has always had a great reputation for quality, useful personalised goods. In the current situation, we’ve remained here for customers, stocking everything from PPE to school stationery — all of which conforms to new safety regulations.

Solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universitities

We also have a full range of products that can help to create safe environments in places of education. These include hand sanitiser stations, desk divider screens and a wide range of signage options to communicate and reinforce new procedures and guidelines such as social distancing and handwashing reminders, and walking in strict lanes or one direction.

Whatever it is you need, we have the capacity to get it shipped and delivered safely to your door helping you get back to work and to learning in the safest, most eco-friendly way possible.  



2020 has been a very difficult year for many people and many businesses. If there’s one thing we all deserve right now, it’s a holiday.  But with every country still battling COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions in place in some countries, what are our options?

For many who aren’t able to travel abroad - 2020 is the summer of the staycation.


For those who’ve spent months cooped up at home, there’s finally a chance to have a change of scene, whether choosing the beach, countryside, a city break, or even just a day-trip.

It’s easy to forget when you live here that the UK is a wonderful country filled with beauty spots ripe for discovery, from the historic likes of the Lake District to hidden glamping gems in North Yorkshire.  The UK offers a huge choice of holiday options from hotels and B&Bs to holiday villages, camping and glamping to fantastic ways to spend a day out from amusement parks to national parks!


After all, it’s not just people who deserve a great summer, businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic too.   

The UK’s hotel, leisure and tourism industries are experiencing a surge in business.  What better way to leave a lasting reminder of your brand than to provide your guests and visitors with a branded merchandise gift that they can use all summer, on their staycations, and in their homes or gardens.

A promotional product with your branding on it will be highly appreciated and can link your brand with memories of a great day out or a treasured holiday.  It could be anything from a frisbee to use at the beach or the park, to headphones for long journeys. Then, of course, there’s our famous British weather, predictable only in its unpredictability. Umbrellas and ponchos are as important in any British summer preparations as sunscreen and shades! The options are endless.


If people are going out and about, they still need to stay safe and prepared, including on public transport where they must wear face coverings.  Social distancing means there are frequently queues for shops we’d normally nip in and out of.  At tourist spots and public places, queues are likely to be even longer, especially on a hot day.  At times like this, or on picnics, items like water bottles and cool bags can come in handy as well as fans, suncream and refreshing face spritzers. A promotional gift that can be used in the summer will definitely make someone’s day and leave a long-lasting impression of your brand.


As not everyone is going to be able to get away, there’s plenty of enjoyment still to be had at home.  A back garden barbecue with some friends, something we might’ve taken for granted last summer, suddenly seems like the highlight of the social calendar. Barbecue and garden-related merchandise will be used all summer giving your brand countless opportunities of exposure.

For families trying to balance working from home and school holidays, finding ways to have fun together can be tricky to say the least.  It’s important, however, to maintain as much work-life balance as possible, even if your work and family lives are happening simultaneously in the same space.

Here are some simple ideas to make your ‘staycation at home’ more memorable:

  • treat yourself to a home spa day
  • host a movie festival in the garden
  • hold a cooking masterclass
  • reach your fitness goals
  • build a fort
  • enjoy a craft night
  • get stuck into board games and puzzles
  • catch up on some much-needed sleep
  • start (or finish!) those DYI projects you've been thinking about


ROI of promotional merchandise is higher than any other promotional medium. As many businesses may be experiencing budget cuts, it is more cost-effective for businesses to invest their marketing budgets in branded products rather than in other promotional mediums. For example, the cost per impression of a promotional drinkware product that is worth £5 can be as low as £0.035 

Drinkware stats

At GeigerBTC, we have the capability to get summer promotional gifts straight to you or your customers and contacts, helping your brand to become part of someone’s well-earned staycation. 

The Future of the Office

The Future of the Office

COVID-19 has changed office life for good.  Lockdown saw the vast majority of the UK’s 4 million office workers begin working from home, many for the first time in their careers.  Now, as offices slowly begin to reopen, employers will be working out what a “new normal” means for them and their staff.  Some will offer greater flexibility around how, where, and when we work.  Big names such as Twitter and Facebook are even offering some of their employees the chance to work from home permanently.

Missing the Office?

office environment

Those of us who’ve been working from home are now familiar with the pros and cons: the lack of commute, comfort of familiar surroundings, and option to work in your slippers are balanced out by children running around, the temptation of a lie-in, and the lack of IT support when your online meeting tools are not working properly. 

We are also well-acquainted with the ups and downs of office life — and there’s plenty to miss: the weekly lunch with friends, the banter, the watercooler chats, the immediacy of asking questions and getting answers in person, the creative energy of meetings, and basic interaction with other adults to name a few.  

With teams working remotely, ad hoc conversations and quick decisions have been made far more difficult.  The sense of community, of all being in this together, may still be there, but it is harder to maintain when everyone is working at different times in different places.

When we do go back into the office, all those things we miss will return but take place in a new culture of social distancing and PPE — two terms most had never heard at the start of 2020.  If we’re going to return to our desks or workstations and discuss what we’ve been binging on Netflix whilst grabbing a coffee, it’s got to be in a safe environment.      

The Importance of Offices Being COVID-Secure

The British public is being urged to do their duty in tackling the spread of coronavirus.  Now those who will be venturing back to work will reasonably be expecting their employers to protect them as best as possible.

Based on government guidelines, the British Standards Institute (BSI) have set out new guidelines on safe working that can be downloaded here.

But what will a COVID-secure workplace look like?  In terms of staffing, it will be quieter for the foreseeable future.  Teams of workers are likely to work in rotation with staggered start and finish times; some people will alternate between the office and home.        

back to office presentation


Workspaces are starting to look different, social distancing meaning that desks must be kept far apart, one-way systems need to be put in place, screens must separate those in spaces that cannot be distanced. 

We’ve probably realised when out shopping that we’re always touching communal surfaces.  Some of the more hi-tech offices will be countering this with technology.  Apps will be able to open doors and order coffees.  We’ve had contactless payment for some time; and many businesses are moving towards contactless working environments. 

Where contact cannot be avoided, PPE will have to be used; people will need gloves, hand-sanitiser, and the tools to regularly clean their workspaces.

It will all seem very unusual at first, but will soon become a natural way of working.  At GeigerBTC, we have considered your wellbeing by offering PPE alongside the promotional products we’re known for.  Take a look here

Use the Power of Post to Stay Connected

As business slowly and carefully resumes, reaching out to existing and potential clients and customers is more important than ever.  With remote working increasing email noise to unprecedented levels, one sure way of cutting through and connecting is by using promotional merchandise — proven to be more effective than any amount of email or social media marketing.

Promotional products compared to other mediums

Promotional merchandise has multiple benefits.  For clients or staff working remotely, receiving a surprise in the post could make their day, helping them feel valued and connected to you.  This, in turn, can boost morale, something precious in these turbulent times.

You can check out our extensive range of working-from-home merchandise ideas for everyone from customers to employees here.

The Right Promotional Merchandise, Safely Provided

The new regulations apply to almost every workplace for the foreseeable future.  At GeigerBTC, we’ve adapted our day-to-day processes and working practices to make sure that we are completely certified and compliant with relevant guidelines.  We have the capacity and workforce to dispatch premium PPE and branded products or promotional clothing to your door, wherever that door is.

Contact us

Whether your needs are social distancing measures for your workplace or PPE, safety or wellness products for your teams, or corporate merchandise please get in touch with us on to discuss your requirements.

How To Find The Right Work-Life Balance When WFH

 How to find the right work-life balance when WFH

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, we lived in an Always-On culture – technology has allowed us to work anytime anywhere.
As many employees continue to work from home, significantly during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, it seems more important than ever to find the right work-life balance. 

We’ve put together a few relevant tips on how to find and maintain that important line between work and life during the prolonged working from home period.

Frame1. Set aside a space dedicated just for work 

This will help you get in the zone and, more importantly, will help you to switch off at the end of the day.
 If possible, find a space with lots of natural light to improve morale and productivity.
Give your workspace a personal touch to make it your own. A green plant gives an instant uplift or you could even frame a photo of your favourite colleagues!

cafetiere2. Get ready for work

Follow your usual morning routine - make some tea or coffee and have breakfast.
Get dresses for your working day. 
Many of us do cheat and wear tracksuit bottoms – but that's ok, it’s important to feel comfortable too!

noise cancelling headphones3. Communication is key

Stay in touch with your colleagues throughout the day - there is no substitute for seeing each other's faces! 
There is a myriad of tools available to help you communicate with your team – for example at GeigerBTC we use Microsoft Teams and GoTo Meetings. We also hold a weekly company-wide video chat every Friday afternoon, where we catch up about the week and have a little bit of office banter that we all miss while working from home!

calendar pod4. Create a routine and stick to it

Write a plan or your to-do-list either the day before or every morning.
Set your goals for the day, week or month ahead. Put your work away at the end of the day, especially if your workspace is a shared space in your home.
It's also important to set working hours and stick to them, especially if you have children at home. 

tea and coffee set5. Take breaks throughout the day and do not skip lunch

Step away from your laptop, make a cup of tea, clear your head, and recharge.
Pop out for some fresh air, check on your children or pets, or make a call to check-in with your friends and family. Make sure to stretch regularly, here is a great guide

snacks6. Look after your physical health and eat well

It’s important to stay active while we are at home and take outdoor exercise if you can. There are so many fantastic apps and online videos that will allow you to exercise from your living room too.
Eat healthily, choose healthy snacks rather than salty, sugary and high-fat options. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet, drink lots of water, and of course, allow yourself the occasional treat.

And, most importantly, don't forget your mental health

Make time for mindfulness. Try your best to be patient and positive, and focus on here and now. Identify your triggers and have a plan on how to deal with them, there's a myriad of techniques available. For example, use the 'CALM' technique by assigning each letter to something that makes you feel better and calmer (i.e. C for chocolate, A for art, L for lakes, M for mum). 
Meditation can help you to keep focus and perspective in changing times, whilst reading can be your biggest escape and companion. Explore the many apps that are available for both meditation and reading, or why not join a virtual book club!

Remember, we are stronger together!
Even though we are separated in our homes right now, the advances in technology allow us to stay connected to each other in ways we couldn't even imagine 20 years ago! 
Make sure to regularly check in with your colleagues. Feeling lonely or isolated is very common these days - a simple call to say hello can make a huge difference. 

Take a creative approach to find your own work/life balance. It's important for your health, attitude and productivity. 

As employers, investing in an employee well-being strategy can help teams feel connected and valued during these difficult days. Sending your staff a gift is the perfect way to show you care about them. 

Competition Announcement!

Competition announcement!

Design a snood competition

We are inviting kids of all ages to design the official GeigerBTC multi mask!
Winners will receive a multi mask with their own design plus one for each of their classmates! They will also receive a surprise gift to keep all to themselves!

Entries to be judged by a panel including children of the #GeigerBTCteam!

How to enter: Simply create a picture or pattern that makes you smile!
Dimensions: 45cm x 22cm (landscape).

Pictures and patterns should be emailed to with the following details:

- Child’s first name and age
- A sentence from your child telling us what they are looking forward to in brighter times (this could be seeing grandparents, going back to school or even a trip to McDonald’s!)
- Parent’s email address

Closing date: 10th of May. Winners will be announced on 11th May. Multi Masks will be delivered to winners’ schools when schools reopen. We’ll be sharing some of the entries here and we can’t wait to see your artistic skills!
T&C's apply.



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