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GeigerBTC presents eco promotional technology

Sustainable Promotional Technology

The rapidly growing trend for promotional products to be more sustainable is spreading throughout our industry, with products like reusable bottles, stationery and even confectionery climbing to the top of the eco-friendly merchandise list.
Here we will focus on how this trend is affecting the world of gadgets and technology. Products such as charging cables, power banks and wireless speakers are now some of the most used and kept items in the branded merchandise sector, delivering brand awareness for months and even years for marketers, but can they be eco-friendly?

Many technology items require a mix of lithium batteries, wires, chips and other internal components which are hard to recycle and dispose of. However, there is a growing trend to change the outer case materials these types of products are made from, and to find different and more sustainable materials that can be easily recycled at the end of the products life. Let’s explore some of these now.

Switching a products case material from plastic to bamboo or FSC managed wood sources helps with the biodegradable properties and also makes for a very soft and desirable finish. Other natural materials finding favour are cork, leather, eco fabric, and of course paper and wood composites.

A growing trend and one to watch is promotional products made from recycled plastic, which are often PET bottles cleared from the sea, representing a better solution for our environment. Other materials, such as recycled metals and regrind silicone, also offer safe and sustainable options.

Choosing materials that break down sooner over time is also a good option, and now we are seeing major companies in the USA  producing bio-additives (e.g. BioSphere) which dramatically speed up the degrading process of plastic from 100 years to 3-5 years.

The value of high-quality cables
Eco-friendly charging cable
One of our most popular ranges for the past few years has been charging cables. They have proved immensely popular with our customers, and we know why!

As we all lead more digital lives, keeping our devices permanently charged has become a daily challenge.  When at home, at work or travelling around, it’s a must to have a cable close at hand to plug in and top up at every opportunity! Hence, charging cables are one of our most popular lines.  When used as a promotional gift or incentive, it’s an easy and visible way to get your brand into the hands of your customers or contacts every single day.

And now we can offer an eco version too. Introducing the Mr Bio, our first environmentally conscious charging cable, made with recyclable and biodegradable materials to lower the impact that it has on the environment without compromising on style or performance.

In conclusion, gadgets can be more sustainable and are still one of the most desirable items for many marketers. We just need to start choosing better and demanding more.

GeigerBTC Opens Distribution Centre in Rotterdam

GeigerBTC Opens Distribution Centre in RotterdamFollowing recent global contract wins, GeigerBTC has opened a Distribution Centre and office in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ideally located for goods arriving from all points of the compass, the DC will act as a hub for deliveries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The office will also serve as a central point for customs clearance. The location inside the European Union simplifies compliance with value-added tax requirements for EU customers outside the UK, according to Geiger.

Frank Murphy, Managing Director of GeigerBTC said “Having our own Distribution Centre, and office in Rotterdam enables us to further improve services to our many clients with operations in EMEA. This also protects our clients and us from any potential consequences of Brexit, if and when it happens.”

Jo-an Lantz, President and CEO of Geiger, shared “Clients are demanding global services for their merchandising programs, with local marketing support. The ability to provide a global supply chain is critical, and the new Rotterdam location supports our international strategy”.

About Geiger and GeigerBTC

Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, Geiger is the largest family-owned and managed promotional products distributor in the world. Geiger operates from offices across the US and Europe and is affiliated with over 450 independent sales representatives. Geiger is a socially conscientious company, providing proactive, comprehensive marketing solutions to their clients. GeigerBTC was founded in 1977 and is based at Hayes in Middlesex and has a staff of 76. A full-service brand marketing firm, GeigerBTC offers on-site decorating, distribution, fulfilment, web development and corporate customer programs, and employee store expertise.

Meet Victoria Ferrer - Account Director

Victoria Ferrer - Account Director at GeigerBTC
GeigerBTC welcomes Victoria Ferrer into the team, as Account Director.

Victoria brings a unique combination of experience and energy and will focus on building and maintaining client relationships in the UK & EMEA.

Victoria has worked within the promotional merchandise sector for over ten years, supporting the growth of global clients. She has also owned her own promotional merchandise distribution company in Dubai. 

Senior Account Director, Gary Gable commented: “We are delighted to welcome Victoria into our expanding team. Her wealth of experience in the industry will be an invaluable asset to our major clients, and her lively and outgoing personality is the perfect fit for our great team.”

GeigerBTC supplies branded merchandise and clothing to clients worldwide, creatively solving their marketing, promotion and motivation challenges through tailored, flexible solutions. In-house services include marketing, design, website production, print, embroidery, warehousing and fulfilment in the UK & Europe.

For more information contact us at or give us a  call on +44 (0)20 8569 2250.

Geiger Announces Further European Acquisition

Geiger acquires Response Marketing

London, UK May 14th, 2019: We are pleased to announce the acquisition of York-based distributor Response Marketing as part of our continued expansion strategy to support clients in the UK and across Europe. 

Response Marketing has been in business since 1999 and has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative promotional merchandise distributors in the UK. GeigerBTC made the acquisition as part of our ongoing strategy to support the needs of global customers in North America, Europe and worldwide. 

Response Marketing Managing Director David Tysall said, "We are really excited to become part of the Geiger family, it's a perfect marriage. Our expertise in marketing and innovation blends perfectly with Geiger's huge knowledge and global infrastructure".  

"Response Marketing has a great reputation for creating innovative and outstanding marketing solutions for their clients” states Geiger CEO Jo-an Lantz. "David and his team will bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our UK colleagues”. 

Frank Murphy, Managing Director of GeigerBTC adds "We are delighted to have David and his team on board. We feel very fortunate to have found such an experienced and creatively driven partner to work with. Their location in the beautiful city of York means that more of our clients can now enjoy an even better, local service going forwards”.

GeigerBTC Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Merger with Geiger

May 2nd, 2019 marks the first anniversary of the merger of BTC Group, one of the most successful distributors of promotional merchandise in the UK, and Geiger, the largest privately held promotional products distributor in the world, to create GeigerBTC. 

                                                Frank Murphy cutting the anniversary cake

“The first year of GeigerBTC has exceeded our expectations,” said Managing Director Frank Murphy, “allowing us to expand our resources and services to better serve our clients in the UK, EMEA and beyond.” Growing our talent pool by hiring more than 20 new staff in the past year has enabled us to increase our business by 40% when 10% was the goal at the outset. 

GeigerBTC continues on the expansion trail through organic growth and by actively seeking new opportunities,  we welcome approaches from interested parties.

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