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Over the past 38 years we have built up an immense depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Promotional Merchandise… our staff have a combined experience of over 500 years working at BTC Group!

It’s not just knowing what product to suggest for what event, there are many other factors to consider, how long it takes to deliver, does it fit the target audience, does the manufacturer who makes it have safety and social certification, does it fit the client’s profile etc,etc. These are just a few of the points that need taking into consideration whether we are supplying Microsoft with merchandise for a new product launch or a local college with some exhibition giveaways. 

The values we hold are those that have grown with us as the company expanded year on year. The fact that our staff turnover has never been higher than 3% per annum goes a long way to demonstrate that the values we hold in terms of the welfare of our staff is just as important to us as that of our clients